We have been working in Osa, with the Municipality and community organizations, to bring more Universal Accessibility options to our area. It has already been achieved that the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network donates to the Municipality 2 plastic walkways for the beaches of Osa. The Municipality wants to put one in Playa Hermosa and the other in Dominical. In addition, the Municipality will donate 2 amphibious chairs, to put one on each beach.

The walkways are made of 1.2 meter wide roll-up plastic wood, a ramp that will allow people with disabilities to get into the sea. They are built from reused plastic such as bottles, caps, etc. Contributing to the environment, transforming plastic into accessible tourism.

The Municipality wants to sign an agreement with the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association, where they put the walkways and amphibious chairs at our disposal, turning Playa Hermosa and Playa Dominical into Universal Accessibility beaches. And we must take care of them and be responsible for them.

Commitments of the Lifeguard Association:

1- Extend the roll-up plastic wood ramp daily 

2- Be available the moment a user arrives to accompany them when using the ramp and chair (We can use volunteers to offer this service during the peak seasons, so that the lifeguards can concentrate on their work) 

3- Protect the goods in the containers (The Municipality would be in charge of making the repairs that are needed to improve security) 

4- Create a volunteer system, so as not to overload the official tower lifeguards with this service, because the priority they have is to be vigilant, with all their attention in the water, they cannot have external distractors) WE NEED TO URGENTLY CREATE THIS VOLUNTEERS SYSTEM 

5- The term of this contract with the Municipality will be for the period that Our contractual relationship with the Municipality lasts. In any case, we can finalize the contract before, in case the performance of the regular functions of the lifeguards get to complicate.