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Founded in 2014 as a private organization, the Costa Ballena Lifeguards began operations on Playa Hermosa and soon after, Dominical. Back then there was no national policy for lifeguard funding in Costa Rica, so the association depended entirely on donations from the community. Since then a lot has changed. We successfully partnered with the National Coast Guard to develop and deliver a certification program, incorporated as a legal non-profit association and became the model for government-contracted lifeguard services in the country – all the while saving hundreds of lives and preventing thousands of incidents. 

With the strong support of the US Embassy and our contacts at the National Tourism Board, in April 2019 we had a major breakthrough and signed a recurring, one-year contract with the Municipality of Osa for lifeguard services, the first of its kind in Costa Rica. It also facilitated new policies being created for Social Security and the National Insurance Institute so our lifeguards could enjoy the job security every essential worker deserves. 

Municipal funding represents 60% of our operating budget, which is enough to cover salaries but not the equipment, mandatory recurrent training, uniforms, or maintenance on the lifeguard stands. The shortfall this year will be $40,000, for which we depend on our community and friends for donations. Unfortunately, this year’s major fundraising event on July 4th did not happen and due to COVID-19 restrictions neither will a December event. 

We employ five full-time lifeguards who rotate between Playa Dominical and Playa Hermosa. Our vision is to extend lifeguards services to more beaches with the necessary equipment to save lives. In the meantime, however, we need your help to keep the current program alive.

There is no guarantee the Municipality will renew our contract after March of next year, therefore, we need to both fund this year’s shortfall and build up some savings to cover salaries should there be a problem or delay. We are also very much in need of two quad bikes for patrols and a jet ski which will allow us to save lives farther from our towers and in more dangerous conditions. 

Please consider how you can help today. Every dollar goes directly to protecting our community, friends, and their families. To make a one-time or monthly US tax-deductible donation (to the extent allowable under US law) visit our partner Amigos de Costa Rica, a U.S. based 501c3 non-profit organization here: https://www.classy.org/give/258087/ 

If you wish to donate by Paypal – click here.

Donations can also be made in Costa Rica by direct deposit to our Banco Nacional account:

Asoc. Guardavidas de la Zona Surf de Costa Rica

Cedula Juridica 3-002-738759

Cuenta en colones: 200-01-195-003885-0

Iban: CR39015119520010038851

Cuenta en dollars: 200-02-195-002023-9

Iban: CR45015119520020020237

Please do let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance with your donations. You can signup to receive updates through our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GuardavidasCostaBallena 

Kind Regards, 

Alvaro Cedeño
Lifeguard Captain

Greg Gordon

President – Association Guardavidas de la Zona Surf de Costa Rica


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